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Wonder Grip Gloves WG OP 650R OPTY™ (12 Gloves)

Wonder Grip Gloves WG OP 650R OPTY™ (12 Gloves)

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*Sold in packs of 12

The Wonder Grip® OP-650R Opty™ gloves are ultra-lightweight palm-coated nitrile gloves developed for assembling and handling work. The gloves robust nitrile coating ensures a total protection against liquid such as industrial oils, while providing finger dexterity.

  • Ultra-lightweight seamless liner offering suppleness, dexterity, and good breathability, thus reducing perspiration.
  • Flexible yet robust nitrile coating with high industrial oil and corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity with freedom of movement and enhanced comfort.
  • Designed to reproduce the natural shape of the hand, for ease of movement and continuous wear.
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