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Wonder Grip Gloves WG OP 255 OPTY™ (12 Gloves)

Wonder Grip Gloves WG OP 255 OPTY™ (12 Gloves)

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*Sold in packs of 12

The Wonder Grip® Opty™ WG OP-255 is constructed on a technical, soft and ultra-stretchable liner with our robust premium latex coating for grip and anti-wear properties. The liner is thicker on the palm side of the hand, enhancing protection, preventing shocks & injuries whilst offering great dexterity at fingertips. The WG OP-255 benefits from the DuaLiner™ technology and it’s special support on the back of hand ensures a snug and secure fit for optimal comfort for over long periods of use.

  • Longer cuff offering superior protection and comfort, thus surpassing industry standards.
  • Designed to reproduce the natural shape of the hand, reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort.
  • Super-thin latex coating, ensuring ultimate suppleness with maximum tactile sensitivity.
  • Lightweight seamless liner offering a snug fit and maximising dexterity.
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